ISY and Home Assistant


I seem to have a unique challenge with my current setup and the Innovelli non-neutral switches.

Current HA Hub: ISY (5.0.16B)
Interface: HomeAssistant (0.106.6)

The switches create 3 nodes on the ISY. The first node, _1 has two additional nodes (_109N003 “Set” and _109N004 “Star”)
These are grouped in the ISY.
The _1 shows up in the HomeAssistant using the ISY integration.
The other two nodes will not show up if grouped.

Status of the _109N003 is changed when the switch is manually toggled.
Status of the _1 is changed when the switch is changed via the HomeAssistant

The Issue:
Have not figured out how to make these a singular status?

Attempted to create a program that if the _1 changed the query the _109N003 and vise versa. Not working.


Edit: Have also tried setting parameter 12 to 15 and 5.

Which model ISY do you have?

As of this writing, the ISY994i-ZW+ is NOT Z-Wave Certified. It hasn’t even been tested for conformity.