LED Driver Discussion

I just created an account so cannot create a new thread apparently, but I’m very confused about LED driver dimming and need some help.

My wife bought an chandelier made by a small etsy type company and it came from China (roll eyes…) with no instructions. It was supposed to be adjustable color temperature and able to be dimmed but apparently he now says you need a remote control for that and won’t respond.

There are 3 LED drivers in the piece which say “LED Driver 3 — sectionswitch” and then list variable DCV output and variable AC input 85-265V.

I hooked it up to a lutron caseta dimmer (which we are sending back, hate the look) and it flashes on and off and dims only a little.

I’m trying to find a dimmer that will work with this driver and don’t know how to determine what I need, since I likely have some cheap Chinese driver. Pissed at the wife for ordering this cheap shit to begin with, someone please help my marriage out here…

If it has a remote control, you may be out of luck, with the remote controlling an internal DC dimmer. The AC input range is probably there to support most/all standard AC voltages all over the world. If you do a partial disassembly and take some pictures of various components, there might be hope, but it’s hard to know without being able to identify components.