LED GU10 flickering when Off

I just installed the Switch Red edition to control a bar of 4 LED GU10 and one of them is flickering when I turn the switch off. The other 3 LED stays off with no problem just this one on the right corner that flicks when is Off.

Any ideas?

You may not be able to tell, but by chance is the problem light the one closest to the switch?

Also, you’re using a LZW30-SN?

Are these the same as you referenced in your other post?

I’m using LZW31-SN

The one flickering is this one:

My theory about the flickering and the bulb order is not going to be applicable to track lighting. I’m thinking that there is some voltage on the line even when off that is causing the flickering. Maybe that one bulb has a slightly lower threshold. I would try a bypass to draw that voltage down (if that’s what is going on).