LED light strobing all the time

Hey, new to Inovelli and Zwave, but a long time automation fanatic using Insteon and isy994 gear. I am in a new place and picked up one Inovelli red series g2 dimmer to try out. I have been using Philips LED BR30 457044 (not Hue) for a while now because they dim so well and go super low compared to other LED bulbs. After installing the switch with a neutral and a traveler I got strobing on the lights way slower than a flicker and happened all the way up to 100%. I pulled one and added an incandescent to test it and both it and the other LED dimmed fine.
I have been reading that some bulbs are incompatible, but i am also reading that some folks are using Philips LED bulbs. So I am a bit confused.

Is this a wiring issue or do I need new bulbs. If I need new bulbs, what is comparable to the Philips bulbs?

It’s difficult to find, but according to Philips that bulb is compatible with both leading and trailing edge dimmers. I wonder if it’s something to do with the color changing nature of that particular bulb (warming as it dims). This chart has some data that might be useful, but its painful to use and won’t have Inovelli on it. I usually look for other leading edge dimmers from Lutron to guess at compatibility.

Make sure you check out the compatible bulbs page, which has bulbs people have reported test data on if you want to look for another flood. There are two other BR30 style floods people have confirmed to work.

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I will get a Home Assistant pi4 up and running soon to see if I need a firmware update.
It didn’t seem like a color change, more of a surprise disco party. Is there a chance the wiring could be off? I will try to get some video of it next time. I have ordered a few more and will see how it does with some other bulbs.