LED notification on red series only for notification?

I am wondering, maybe I missed something from trying to look through my Hubitat settings, but is it possible to disconnect the LED notification strip from the switch itself so it’s used only for notifications?

For example, if I set it to glow a specific colour because someone’s in thr bathroom or the garage door is open, but then someone taps the switch to turn on the light, now that notification light is gone and it switches to the default setting to show the light was turned on.

Can it be done that the toggling or dimming of the lights doesn’t do anything to the LED strip light, and that it’s used only for notification or whatever else we want it for?

Thanks very much!

I’m on SmartThings, not Hubitat, so behavior may be different. When I have a notification turned on and I operate the dimmer, the dimmer bar changes only briefly to the default color and then reverts to the notification after about 5 seconds. At least in ST, the notification is a child object that remains on, so it stands to reason that the notification should return. Maybe there is a difference in the drivers that’s causing an issue in Hubitat that isn’t present with ST?

I’m on 1.47 for the switch I described.

Check the firmware. On 1.35 this was the experience, but notifications remain on the 1.4X firmware versions (meaning a button press only temporarily overrides the notification).

The good news is Hubitat has a tool for updating the firmware on the switches! Make sure you pick the right version and update both targets (if you don’t know what I am talking about refer to the support article for updating firmware).

Update your firmware to v1.41 or higher. This is from the V1.41 Release Notes:
Enhancements: Notifications no longer turning off when user adjusts the level or performs various other actions on the switch.