LED on associated Red Dimmer not changing when using Alexa

I have 2 Red Dimmers for a closet. The left one is connected to the light, main, ground and neutral. The right one is only connected to the main, neutral and ground. I’ve done an association both ways on groups 2, 3 and 4. When I use either switch their respective LEDs move in sync. However, when I told Alexa to turn on the closet light the left one did turn on and the LED went to 100% and was bright, as it should. However, the right one didn’t move at all. Since they are associated on group 3 (which I believe controls the LEDs) why didn’t the right one move when the left LED changed?

I’m thinking I could perhaps create a group or a scene for Alexa with both switches, but beyond wanting both LEDs to react in sync (or maybe more accurately to have the same setting if I do it that way) I want to understand why it isn’t working now. BTW, if it matters I’m using a Hubitat C7 hub.

There’s are multiple parameters for association. Association on local, association on timer, association on zwave… make sure the association on zwave is enabled.

What happens when you control the light via Alexa is Alexa is communicating with your hub. Your hub is then sending the on/off signal via zwave to the switch. If your association on zwave parameter is not enabled, the first switch will not send the command to the second switch since it received it’s command via zwave.

Thanks for the fast reply. I was able to get it solved. I had parameter 12 in the left switch (the one with the load) set to 11. When I set it back to 15, the default, it is now working fine. Just BTW, I have right switch (non-load) parameter 12 set to 11 to prevent an endless loop.

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