LED Strips LZW45 Only Some Work

I have 3 sets of LZW45 led strips. I wanted to make one run a little bit longer as I had some extra from other strips. After the first few feet I don’t get any light. It doesn’t matter which of the 3 controllers I use the behavior can be replicated. I thought maybe I just had a bad strip so I tried taking those that wouldn’t light up and move them to the start of the chain and they work just fine. I’ve even had an occurrence where just 6" of the 12" strip lights up. I’ve mixed and matched every way I could think of and no luck. The only common occurrence is after about 4-5’ I start seeing this behavior.


What is the total length including and extension cables of the run that works and the run that doesn’t work?

I was able to get this working by removing from Hubitat and then doing a factory reset. Prior to reset I had to turn off the light and back on to recognize the addition of strips. Now I plug one in and it automatically lights up as expected. Odd all the way around. Regardless it is working.