Leveraging Webex Endpoint API's for In-Home Notifications | Home Assistant

Hey all – we ran across this on Reddit and thought it would be cool to share as I think it’s an amazing integration for people working from home to let others know you’re on a conference call.

I’m hoping OP will come here and help if anyone is interested!

CREDIT: Leveraging Webex Endpoint APIs for In-Home Notifications - WWT

Source Found: https://www.reddit.com/r/Inovelli/comments/idxfdx/leveraging_webex_endpoint_apis_for_inhome/

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Hey everyone-

I am actually the OP of the article and the code repos that are linked in the article. This is tested and working w/ Cisco DX series endpoints and their Webex Room Series endpoints sending notifications to the switches through Home-Assistant.

All of the code is posted, but happy to answer any questions people may have.