Light Started Flashing after a year


Recently two of my lights have suddenly started to flash. I have had them installed for over a year now and they have functioned perfectly. In the last week they have started to flash off and on.

I have two LED mirrors that are plugged in recessed plugs attached to a LZW31-SN.
The mirrors are:
The mirrors have D-KG02A 36W LED Drivers

Hub and automation is through Home assistant.

As I mentioned there have been no issues what so ever for over a year, suddenly the mirrors have started to flash off and on. Sometimes both in tandem, some time the left light but mostly the right.

To diagnose the issue, I

  • attempted to adjust min/max values
  • Disabled all automatons
  • factory reset the switch
  • Replaced the switch with a brand new backup switch

The only thing I could do to resolve the blinking was to remove the switch and replace it with a standard dumb switch.

Any idea how I can resolve this or figure out why this has started to happen?

Is there an alternative dimmer I could use or a Bypass?

Thanks in advance

Not sure exactly why the issue arose now, but it seems that there has been some change to either the driver or the bulbs which is affecting the control of the LZW-31SN, based upon the fact that you swapped in another LZW31-SN and the issue remained.

That being said, I’m surprised that this configuration worked as long as it did. According to the details in the Amazon listing, the mirror has a built in dimming function. That suggests that the mirror’s dimming should be controlled by the native dimming and that the LED driver shouldn’t be separately controlled by a dimmer switch.

Additionally, I’m guessing that the LED driver is an ELV driver, and the LZW31-SN is not compatible with those.

Since a dumb switch works ok, try setting the LZW31-SN’s Smart Bulb mode to On/Off only to get it to replicate a dumb switch. You won’t be able to dim from the switch, but the mirror likely wasn’t designed to be dimmed in that manner anyway.

Thanks @Bry Appreciate the quick response.

I never used the dimming function on the mirror themselves. I had them set to 100% and relied on the switch and automations.

This weekend, I will reinstall the switch and test it set a on/off only to see if that works.

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“in recessed plugs”
Are these smart outlets/plugs you’re controlling via association? Or the dimmer is directly wired to the plugs?

No, they are regular standard plug.

The dimmer switch is wired directly to the plugs.

Not per code, but if you know, you know.

I’m going to guess it’s compliant. The OP said that he is using recessed receptacles. So if the mirrors are mounted over the receptacles then only thing that can be plugged into them are the mirrors. So in that case so long as the mirrors do not exceed the capacity of the switch, the switch meets the NEC requirements.


Good to know, I just had it in my head that dimmer + outlets was a no-go, and not much else specifics wise so wanted to clarify it!

That is correct, I did the wiring myself but had a certified electrician (friend) take a look afterwards and it was good.