Lights flickering, switch freezing at 44W load

I’ve seen this same issue come up, with the clear note of a bypass needed (no-neutral, only able to turn switch on once, freezes/goes into error state, and lights stay on flickering, unable to turn off). Issue in my case is that the load is not under 25W; it’s 4 bulbs, 44W total. Switch is good; I moved it to a different spot with slightly higher load, and it works fine. Any thoughts?

What hub are you using? If it is smartthings check what wattage the app says the circuit is using. I had 2 circuits that should have been over 25w, one 44w and the other 32w and both needed the bypass. Switch claimed 4w and 2w. One switch acted similar to what yours is doing prior to adding a bypass.

Good to know. I can’t even get it to connect (yes, smartthings) before it freezes, but I’ll just try the bypass. Thanks for the input!

If you have some old incandescent bulbs lying around try putting them in before buying the bypass. That would be a cheap way to test it. Also might be able to connect it to smartthings. The bypass definitely solved all my oroblems.

I went overboard; no more incandescent bulbs in this house; otherwise I would have tried already :slight_smile: I ordered the bypass and will give it a try.

I’m having a similar issue with my red series dimmer. I have a single-pole, non-neutral setup controlling five, 9W Ecosmart LED light bulbs. My switch acts normal for about 10 minutes before flickering and becoming unresponsive :disappointed: