Lights flickering when I turn them on, Red dimmer

I have a red series dimmer switch hooked up to some LEDs with a neutral wire, and when I turn it on the lights flicker really badly for about 2 seconds before staying on. I have the ramp rate and dimming speeds all set to zero, so there shouldn’t be any dimming happening anyway. Also, if I use the SmartThings app to manually set the dimming level, I can put it at any level and I don’t see any problems.

As a side note, the LEDs stay on a tiny bit even when the switch is off.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

I’ll assume you set the switch parameters 21 to neutral and parameters 22 to load only (or 3-way if multiway switch).

Yes I did

Try setting the max dim level lower (param 6). How many leds? Did you try a bypass?

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It’s just two lights, but each light has like 20 LEDs in it. I just tried changing the min and max dim levels to a few different values and none of it helped.

I’d try some incandescent bulbs or different LEDs, but you may need to install the aeotec bypass.


@brennen did you ever solve this? I am having similar issues.

I don’t believe @brennen is using smart bulbs so your issue is a bit different.