Lights stopped working with Red series dimmer

Hello, I had my 3 way Red series dimmer LZW31-SN w/ neutral switch working for a few weeks, now the lights have stopped turning on. The blue led is on and I can hear the relay go on and off but the cieling bulbs are not turning on. My Home Assistant is also displaying Inovell Ready and responding to the on and off.

What might be wrong?

What type of bulbs are you controlling?

I’d start by checking for about 120V at the fixture with the switch on and turned up.

There are 6 LED can bulbs - this has been working for the last 3 weeks. I tried repeating the Inovelli switch setup, the blue LED is solid blue but has no control of the LED bulbs. The dumb switch has random control of the 6 bulbs (takes 2-3 on offs very strange behavior)

A couple things to try. Just suggestions at this point.

Not sure if you have “new” led cans, or the converted type where the an adapter screws into the existing “older” can. But if you have latter, replace with incandescents if you have them to see if there is a difference.

Make sure that your switch type, Parameter 22, is set to three-way toggle (1). Try resetting via the switch. Also try changing from that parameter to and incorrect one and then reset it properly.

There are some maximum dim settings that might help too. @harjms can weigh in on those.

Pull the Inovelli and check/tug on the connections. The conductors should be BETWEEN the plate and the screw.

Thanks for the suggestion - making more progress now. I replaced one LED bulb out of 6 with a CFL bulb. Now the Inovelli switch and the dumb switch controls the CFL bulb fine (on or off) but has no control over the 5 LED bulbs (all 5 off). All these 6 LED bulbs (older can Phillips 8.5w 5000k dimmable) worked fine for the last many week - is this a problem with dimmable configuration I am missing.

Qs: Is there a supported list of LED bulbs I need to replace now?

Also, now after all this my Home Assistant/Aeotec zwave inclusion of Inovelli is no longer working - any ideas Thank you for the help!

Compatible/incompatible bulbs listed here. This list is constantly updated.

Someone familiar with HA will have to assist you with that part.

Thanks I managed to find the list earlier - strange that the Phillips bulbs worked for weeks before stopping now.

I will test with a compatible bulb next - Home Assistant is working now and CFL bulbs can be turned on and off. I just need the Dimmable feature back to work with these z plus switches. I will line up a bulb to test next. I am stilll baffled why so many dimmable bulbs worked for so long and all of a sudden have stopped workring.

The problem is with the switch, I tested 2 other switches LZW31-SN that work fine with my office LED lights. I believe this problem is related to the 100% brightness. Submitting RMA for this switch - I plan to keep my lights art 85% although that is not ideal.

So you temporarily swapped in 2 known working SZW31-SN dimmers and they work fine on the leg you are having an issue with, subject to the 85% thing? I think you’re correct that your dimmer went south, but I’m curious if the dimmers that worked are on the same firmware as the one that didn’t. Not sure if you made a note of that but curious if you have it.

That is Correct. I had 3 switches in the same order (assuming same firmware also) - 2 work fine, 3rd was running on 100% brightness for many weeks (100% is always the case in my office). This switch initially started acting up recently (random on/off power, home assistant also failed the scheduled trigger) until it finally caved in. The other 2 switches work fine, I am now cognizant of the 85% max setting - the failed switch has a wierd behavior it actually responds fine in Home Assistant and manual switching (Blue led light fades in and out, relay clicks work etc.) but it fails to turn on the LED bulbs. I have not had a chance to review the firmware update.

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The firmware version on all 3 LZW31-SN switches I see are 1.35 - should I update to the latest beta 1.45?

The fact that they are all on the same firmware and two work and the other doesn’t suggests to me that the switch is bad.

Are you able to test the load screw and neutral and/or ground for voltage with a meter? If the you can hear the snap of the relay, you should have voltage on the load terminal of the switch. Is it possible your load wire is loose or out of the switch or Wire nuts in the box?