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❤ Love the new parameter 51, anything for the LZW36?

Wow, updated all my switches&dimmers this weekend. The new “no delay” option is great! They feel like super switches now. This is great for me, as i don’t use any scenes, only the config button for automating stuff.

I’m not sure if it’s possible for the Fan&Switch, as the button is used for config, but are you planning on doing something similar with them, maybe with an alternate firmware?


This. Pretty please?

Lol, at least you put a heart in your title, so it softens the blow :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ll talk to the engineers about this – we’ll have to brainstorm some ideas around how this influences scene control, but maybe I’ll put a poll out to see what people think!

Curious to what people are wanting no delay on. Light, Fan or combo? Figure the light would be the “sensitive” one and fan could continue with the delay. No fan goes from 0-100% in .5ms anyways…

Yeah, I suppose that could be a decent fix. Maybe we remove scenes (except for single-tap) with the light portion and leave the double, triple, etc on the fan portion.

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What can I say…I’m a genius.

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The fan&light is already a hit it my house, maybe I word it wrong, I meant no offenses. Blame it on the second language thing.

I agree with harjms, the delay option on the light make most sense, as the fan is mostly always on, but the light get on/off on enter/leave the room.

Now I need to convince my better half that I need to replace my remaining first gen dimmers…

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Lol no you’re good - there was another post similar to yours. I sincerely liked the heart :slight_smile: