LW36 Won't Pair with Fan Control Module

I just purchased my first inovelli product (LZW36 Red Series), but have to admit it’s not going well so far.

The Problem
Despite the Zwave Wall Switch having a pleasing shade of blue and appearing to work just fine, it does not appear that it is pairing with the fan control module (or that something is wrong with my module).

Troubleshooting steps

  • Removed fan and remove Line and Neutral from the Fan control Module
  • Restore power to circuit, and confirmed that 120V is indeed present from line/neutral coming to fan.
  • Confirmed that the Zwave switch is still blue
  • Killed circuit
  • Checked all wires were securely fastened through wire nuts with special attention on: Neutral, Line, Ground
  • Reattached fan securely
  • Restored power to circuit, switch again lights up blue
  • No control of lights or Fan
  • Tried process of repairing switch to module (hold button B and then press E 3x)
  • Light pulse cyan for a while and eventually flash red
  • The bulb in the fixture never pulses, which makes me think the module isn’t even working at all

My switch is about 8 linear feet directly to the fan control module (this is in a small home office). What else can I test?

Well, walking away and grabbing dinner was all it took - seems to have paired and is working well. Thanks for any well wishes sent my way :wink: