LWZ36 Fan Wiring Difficulties

Hoping some one out there can help I Only have 1 Hot Wire coming into the canopy. But it just doesn’t function properly.

I’ve been thinking. The main difference between this setup and the other 2 Fan/light setups is that this has a single hot wire. Meaning that on the canopy side both the fan and light are hooked up to the hot. So when I turn on the wall switch both the fan and light go on. I then turn either off by the pull chain. When I set it up the Inovelli switch wired with both the load and hot at the same terminal with the neutral to the neutral pigtail. On the module in the canopy the wiring is.

Hot coming in going to black on module

Neutral to neutral.

Blue on the fan going to blue on the module. I checked that the blue in the fan is for the light.

Black wire on module going to Red in canopy for fan. I checked that this is for the fam.

I believe that’s correct. Can’t think of any way. I do notice that when I put the switch to power on the fan and light my circuit tester doesn’t have as much power. When I take the module wires off it seems as there is more. The circuit tester beeps at a lower setting. I know this isn’t exactly a scientific test and it may not mean anything. So I thought I’d throw that out there.

Have any ideas?

Any input would be appreciated.


First how many wires are coming into your switch box 3 (black, white, copper). or 6 (2 blacks, 2 whites, 2 copper)?

I have one hot wire coming into my canopy and the fan/switch work just fine. Your post is confusing to me, so let me see if I can explain a few things and maybe it will help you.

  1. the switch in the wall needs neutral so it is ‘always on’ - notification leds, listening for zwave and whatever else it may do.
  2. the switch in the wall needs to bridge power to the canopy so the canopy always has power, so you should be putting two wires (probably two black) into one port - these were on opposite ends with your old switch since the old one actually shut off power to the canopy. That gives power to your canopy all the time, since the RF module needs power all the time to listen for ons/offs
  3. Even if you have done 1 and 2, you still need to give neutral to your module. The white wires in the canopy need 3 white wires into the wire nut - again, electricity not only needs to come into the RF module all the time, but it also needs a complete circuit to actually be powered all the time.

I hope this helps.

Coming in the switch box are:

Black (Load)

Red - Not connected to anything. Going to Ceiling. Also not connected to anything. Probably for a Light/Fan dumb switch. Never was one in the box.

White - I believe three wires joined by a wire connector.

Black - For the Load.

At Canopy:

Black - Hot

White Neutral

Both locations have Green Ground Wire

It’s a Gulf Coast Fan. I;ve never heard of it. It was installed when I bought the house. I can’t find a model number on it.

Thanks again

You might not have solid connections on the switch lugs. I had a similar problem on a multi gang box in my house. Tie your line and load together at the switch box and pigtail the hot and neutral to the switch. You should not see a voltage drop at the canopy. You may want to take the fan off the ceiling and see if the model in on the motor. Make sure it is not a DC fan.

What do you mean by that?

It may be a DC fan. I’m gone for a few days and I’ll check it when I get home. Is there any other way to check if I can’t find a model number?