LZ31-SN relay question

Quick question on the internal relay. I understand that it can be disabled by pressing the config button 8 times but is there a downside to doing so? I notice that on my 3 way installations, I can hear the relays click on and off. Single installations they do not activate. I don’t have any smart bulbs in any of the fixtures.

Similarly, in my bedroom single installation, I had ended up putting the bypass resistor as I was having issues with the LEDS never fully shutting off. In hindsight, would enabling the relay on this switch eliminate that issue?

Yes, you will lose local (i.e., at-switch) control of the bulbs, which is likely quite an undesired outcome unless you do have smart bulbs (in which case this is helpful since you often only want to control them through means other than cutting the power). So, you’ll lose the ability to turn them on and off. :slight_smile: In a three-way, I think a dumb switch in the other location might still work for this, but it’s undoubtedly not what most people who don’t have smart bulbs would want.

Are you sure you have the relay disabled with “regular” bulbs? If your load is under 25 W and you don’t have a neutral, the bypass is recommended to avoid flickering when off (and may be required to give the dimmer switch itself enough power to function normally; I’m not 100% sure of all the reasoning behind this). But if you are able to turn your non-smart bulbs off(-ish) from the switch, you have the “relay”/local control enabled.

No-i never explicitly enabled or disabled the relay but I guess I just didn’t really have a full understanding of what the relay does-thank you for clarifying but I’m still not sure I fully undestand why I can clearly hear an audible click of the relay on each of my 3 way locations but the 2 standalone switches do not. I do have a neutral in my bedroom location and the total wattage of these bulbs (as being monitored by the app) was showing to be 50+. I

I’m experimenting with Dimmer Switch Gen 2. I’ve set both “disableLocal=true” and “disableRemote=1” (values from ST) but I can still use the paddle and/or control switch through ST Classic app. It also cuts the power to the lightbulbs - not sure if that’s expected behavior.

@EricM_Inovelli Is it expected behavior? I’m trying to leave power on to the bulbs so they could be used in other scenes but even with disableLocal=true and disableRemote=1 bulbs are still powered off.

@2vanger - Just to try something out; press the config button 8 times. This should disable local control. Make sure you turn the bulb or switch on first before disabling. To re-enable, press it 8 times again.

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And that helped!
@EricM_Inovelli However it looks like a bug:

  1. install a new LZW31 dimmer
  2. connect to ST
  3. observe disableLocal="", disableRemote=""
  4. Turn on the lights using a paddle
  5. using ST classic app change “Disable Local Control” to “Yes”. Save.
  6. Observe in ST console disableLocal=1, disableRemote=0
  7. Press paddle down.
    Expected result: Lights are staying ON
    Actual result: Lights are going OFF

After I’ve clicked config button 8 times - dimmer blinked red 3 times.
ST console data didn’t change (I’ve made screenshots before and after to compare - could send those to you) however dimmer now behaves as expected - lights are staying ON.
If I will disable the setting using ST Classic app - it is working as expected (paddle controls the lights).
But when I re-enable the setting using ST Classic app - it won’t work (paddle will be still controlling the lights).

Also - after local relay is disabled - physical buttons are not changing the dimmer state - is that expected?