LZ36 Fan Wiring Question

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I have a Harbor Breeze Kitsilano fan and I was curious if someone could help me with the fan module wiring (or tell me if it just isn’t compatible). It is a normal single switch with standard romex going in to the fan. The existing fan controller breaks out to only three wires though rather than the 4 on the LZ36 fan module. I’ve attached some pictures to hopefully help.

You ‘may’ be able to… check out this form :man_shrugging:

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Here’s a link to the manual for your fan:


…and a screen grab of the wiring diagram:

…and one of the three example wiring diagrams from Inovelli’s web site:

Remove the fan’s included canopy module and cut the three wire connector.

  1. Black and white from the Inovelli canopy module to the black (hot) and white (neutral) wires coming out of the ceiling.

  2. White (neutral) from the ceiling to the white on the fan motor. (Please, Inovelli, for the love of all things electric, put a second white wire on the V2.0 hardware to eliminate this confusion!)

  3. Blue wire from the Inovelli canopy module (light) to blue on the fan.

  4. Red wire from the Inovelli canopy module (motor load) to the black wire on the fan.

Can someone please double-check my math. It’s after my bed time, and my brain is foggy…

Thank you for clarifying. I was able to follow that and got it installed successfully!

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Awesome. Enjoy the device!