LZW-31-SN Locally unresponsive intermittent

Recently installed 2 red series switches, one on/off the other dimmer. My dimmer switch seems to have some intermittent unresponsiveness with the natural down paddle, though in my case it is inverted because switch is installed upside down. LED bar shows it has power and the other direction, down (natural up), never seems to have any issue. 1. Could the inversion possibly be the culprit? 2. Even though this is a local issue could Z Wave connection drive any unresponsiveness? A very firm press also seems pretty reliable, though I don’t love this because the click of the paddle kind of makes me instinctively think my press should be registered.

Wiring is no neutral with by pass installed, AC Type for this is set in the configuration. As stated earlier switch is also inverted.

I’ve have not needed a a non neutral installation so this is only a suggestion.

I would put a 60 watt or more incandescent in the light fixture. I know the bypass is meant to add enough load to not have too light a load condition, but its an easy test to absolutely discount some load interaction.

I second the above advice, or at least it’s something you could try to troubleshoot (even with a bypass, I had to up my LED wattage in the fixture to keep it happy, and I had to set the minimum dim level parameter, though I can’t remember if that was just so my lights stayed on or also to keep the switch from freaking out and losing power itself if it was on the edge of where the lights would or wouldn’t light up…I had to try a lot to make this work well in this room).

Also, what hub are you using? On Hubitat, I think there was an issue a while back where some of the parameters weren’t getting set correctly even though the UI made it look like they were; the no-neutral parameter may have been one. Changing it to something else, saving, then changing it back and saving again was the workaround. I believe that has since been fixed, but it’s something you could try regardless.

I am using Home Assistant hub, will double check configuration to make sure its set properly. I had already set the minimum dim to 35. Sadly I do not have a high wattage incandescent bulb laying around so might have to wait on that to test. I think my issue with it being a power issue is that its seeming to be more and more a pressure of the press issue, I can get it to be much more consistent if I really think about pressing it down hard way past when it clicks. I think I might revert the switch back to normal orientation and see if the same paddle has this sensitivity issue, if there is a sensitivity issue on the other side then it might be the non-neutral setup