LZW-41 bulbs misbehaving

I have 2 LZW-41’s being controlled by a pair of motion sensors via my Hubitat C7 hub. I have used both motion rules and now I’m trying rule machine to get them to work properly. In a nutshell they are at two ends of a hallway with a motion sensor on each end. If either side detects motion the light should turn on and after 1 minute they should both turn off. I’m having assorted issues about 75% of the time it works just fine. But when it fails the one that happens most often is light 2 will not turn off when it should light 1 does (usually) sometimes it’s the other way around. Occasionally only one or the other will come on. The logs show that the rules fired but the DEV log shows nothing so either the HUB didn’t send it or the bulbs are not receiving the command. Has anyone else seen this? It’s really frustrating. I’m actually putting in backup rules to try to fix them if they get to where they are on when they should not be or vice versa. But right now, to be sure the fix rules are not interfering, the only rule running is the main one. I even currently have the command to turn the bulbs off as 2 separate commands, one for each bulb, so I can see each command being logged rather than 1 for both lights.

Could you share the rule(s) you are using along with the logs?

I will if it persists I scrapped it all and wrote new rules yesterday and so far so good but it could be dumb luck.

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Glad to hear it’s working for you now :slight_smile:

Well it was and that it went through a spell of not one time I actually witnessed one of the lights not go off until 20 seconds after the first. I do think it’s hub related at this point since it can vary as to which light misbehaves. I’ll see if the next firmware release of the hub helps.

I also have a repeater that one of these is routing through but I really don’t need the repeater anymore so I plan on pulling it out of the system today to see if maybe I end up with better routing to the bulb.