LZW30 Black Switch, light flashing

I’m using this switch in a 3-way application with a dumb switch. It is wired with neutral.
I’ve confirmed the wiring several times, it is correct and the switch operates correctly. However the position of the remote dumb switch can cause a unique issue. In a particular position with the switched circuit off, the light (the switched light, a single LED bulb) will flash, perhaps every 4-5 seconds. With the dumb switch in the other position and the light again off at the LZW30, it doesn’t flash.
With an incandescent bulb in place, the bulb doesn’t flash.
But issues with LEDs are not supposed to happen with a neutral? and that it happens with one switch configuration vs. the other is certainly odd.

That is technically correct, but others here have solved varying LED w/a neutral issues by installing a bypass. The fact that an incandescent makes the issue go away suggests that a bypass will resolve the issue.

Thanks, @Bry. So is the most common solution the Aeotec bypass?

I think so, but @harjms is using some so let’s see what he is using.

@DaveL - Yes, I highly recommend the Aeotec one over any other.

Nice! Thanks for the help, all!