LZW30 black works only with dumb switch on

All of a sudden 2 of my LZW30 won’t work unless the dumb switch is on. They’ve worked for over a year up until a couple of days ago. I haven’t changed anything on the one switch, and replaced the other switch with an updated firmware LZW30 switch sent to me by inovelli. The replaced switch worked perfectly for over a month. The dumb switches are the original switches that remained after installing the LZW30s, and nothing was change on those either. Is there a parameter that needs to be changed?

Not related to the 3-way operation with a dumb switch, unfortunately. The LZW30 autodetects the configuration. There is not a parameter for it.

Any chance you changed the load? Number of bulbs, type, etc . . .

Nothing has changed. Thanks

Shot in the dark . . Pull the switch and double-check the connections to make sure something hasn’t pulled loose from a backing plate.

Another shot . . temporarily swap out for incandescent to see if that matters.

Don’t see how 2 switches could have a loose wire, but then again…?
Bulbs are already incandescent. Thanks.

Yep, I see what you’re saying. Trying to isolate what changed.

So the only thing that changed is you swapped one switch with one sent to you by Inovelli that had newer firmware. They both worked properly for a month and then they both stopped working with the dumb switch in one position? Not sure what to make of that . . .

Thanks for trying. I’ll probably end up buying new switches. I forgot to mention that the only common factor is that my hub is a HomeSeer troller. Maybe someone can latch on to that. Since they’re partially working, I’ll wait a few days to see if there’s any other responses.