LZW30 config button scene control

Are there any plans for a firmware update for the LZW30 black series on/off switch, similar to what you did for the LZW31, that would send Central Scene Notifications for one or more of:

  • Config button single and/or double tap
  • Single press up/down
  • Up/down hold/release

When I look at my LZW30 (on firmware 1.22), I see that it doesn’t currently advertize support for command class 0x5B, CENTRAL_SCENE, so perhaps this is not something that could be accomplished by a simple firmware update? Or did the LZW31 originally not include 0x5B in its NIF, and then that was changed with the firmware update?

If I could send a message back in time to when I was first purchasing inovelli switches, my present-self would tell my past-self that they’re awesome and worth spending the extra money for the red series everything. But I only have a few black on/off switches, so it doesn’t make sense to get a 10 pack, and singles have been out of stock for a long time.

The LZW31 did not originally include scene support, as that was the intention of the black series. Limited scene functionality was introduced via firmware updates and then later removed to make room for other enhancements.

Since Inovelli has discontinued the black series, I would not expect an future firmware enhancements.

ahh, I’d forgotten/didn’t realize that it was removed from the LZW31 in subsequent firmware versions.

What you’re saying makes sense, I just wanted some sort of “official-ish statement”.