LZW30 help needed

LZW30 Black Series On/Off Switch.

I have attached pictures below. I usually have no problem installing a switch, but these are slightly different and I want to make sure I get this right.

Each switch shown in the picture is a simple on/off switch. The one on the left controls the outside porch lights and one on the right controls the inside hallway light. I see two black wires and a bare ground wire. I’m not sure what the proper wiring would be for this switch.

Thanks in advance.


Hey @JohnG833 nice to have you in the community! Welcome. I’m not going to be much help with the wiring situation - but I wanted to let you know that the switch you have from us is a dimmer switch, not an on/off. I see you mentioned “LZW31-SN On/Off” but our on/off SKU is LZW30-SN. And since you are replacing two on/off switches just want to make sure you’re actually meaning to put a dimmer there to replace it and not an on/off.

Hi Courtney, yeah…I have 4 switches and grabbed the wrong one. It should be a LZW30. How do I update that? Disregard…I figured it out. Thanks!

@JohnG833 - First thing you’ll need to do is find the load. If you have a voltage pen or voltmeter, you can find it fast. If not, you can use logic. The two switches maybe use a the same line (not guaranteed). From your pictures, the black twisted wires on the right looks like both switches have a pigtail connected to it. This is most likely line, so you’ll wire this to the line port of the Inovelli. The other black wire connected to the old switch will be connected to the load port of the Inovelli. The white neutral bundle, you’ll need to connect the white pigtail (found inside the box) to the wire bundle and connect to the Neutral port of the Inovelli.

Hi Harjms,

I have a voltage pen. With the switches in the off position, both bottom wires emit an audible signal and red light blinking showing power. The top wires show nothing.


@JohnG833 - If that is the case, those should be your “Lines”. Just retest with the pen and ensure it’s tested on the underside (further away from the other lead), but you can also confirm when you shut off the breaker from the load center.

I attached pictures.

@JohnG833 - Yep, I think you’re good to go. Bottom BLK wires to Line, Top BLK wires to Load, and add a neutral to connect the Neutral port of the Inovelli. Remember to shut off power prior to swapping.


That neutral wire (that the switch comes with) would go from the switch to the bare ground?

No, connect it to the neutral bundle (white conductors, in the middle I think). The longer stripped end of the white jumper goes to the neutral bundle. The shorter stripped end goes to the neutral terminal on the Inovelli.

The bare ground wire on the old switch goes to the ground on the Inovelli after you straighten it out.

@Bry Thank you for your help.

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@Courtney_Inovelli @harjms

I have the switches wired in as referenced above by @Bry. My hallway switch turns the light on and off. My porch switch doesn’t turn anything on, although they’re both showing solid blue.

I was able to get the porch light sent up to my alarm panel. The alarm panel supports Z wave devices. However, I cannot get the hallway light to go into pairing mode to connect it to the alarm panel…but it surprisingly works just fine and operates the hallway light. Any thoughts on the porch light?


@JohnG833 - For your hallway light, if it’s not joining (but it flashes after pressing the config button 3x), then I’d recommend factory resetting it by holding the config button down for 20+ seconds. After it resets, turn it on for a few minutes and reattempt to join to your Hub.

For your porch lights, sounds like the power is there (faint blue light when off, bright when on?). I’d verify your connections as shown here (thanks to @JohnRob):image Sometimes the screw terminal is screwed in and the wire may not be making contact. Make sure the pigtail is connected too.

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@harjms You were spot on. One of the wires was behind the plate. As soon as I checked them and made sure they were in front, both switches are now working.

Thank you for all your help with this.