Lzw30-sn 3-way not working as expected

I recently setup my lights using the diagram outlined below. I’ve confirmed the wiring multiple times to make sure they are wired up properly, and I also made sure to put setting 13 at 1. However I cannot get the lights to operate properly. If I turn on the dumb switch, I can control the lights using the smart switch, but if the dumb switch is off, then the Inovelli switch doesn’t turn the light on or off. The blue LED indicator will toggle correctly to show the light should be on, but it’s not. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

What firmware are you on? Also, so you have another LZW30-SN to try?

Also, did you try P13 at 0?

I bet the black wire going to the dumb switch isn’t connected to the common terminal. Usually, it’s a black screw. If not, it’ll be the screw that’s a different color.

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