LZW30-SN and Child LED Device Unresponsive

I’ve got an LZW30-SN used with a Hue setup on a Hubitat C-5. I have local control disabled and use the switch’s button actions to control scenes and dimming for my Hue group. I also have been using the LED bar to change with various notifications.

The Child LED Device does not respond if the Remote Control parameter is disabled at the hub. The expected behaviour would be that I’m unable to turn the switch off from Hubitat, but still able to control the child device.

This is using the latest Inovelli drivers from HPM and beta firmware 1.22 on the switch.

Is my expectation of what Disable Remote Control does incorrect?

Remote control disables everything. I was very confused by that, too. There’s been some discussion around it here, and it sounds like Smart Bulb mode is moving in the direction of fixing this.