LZW30-SN & LZW31-SN Issues

I just purchased 5 dimmers and 1 switch. So far, only 2 dimmers work correctly. 3 have odd behaviors, and 1 flat out will not include.

Current configurations:

Dimmer 1: controls 4 LED recessed lights (draws ~54W). LZW31-SN
Dimmer 2: controls 1 LED fan light. (draws ~13W). LZW31-SN
Dimmer 3: controls 2 LED recessed lights (draws ~25W). LZW31-SN
Dimmer 4: controls 1 LED fan light. (draws ~13W). LZW31-SN
Dimmer 5: controls 1 LED recessed light. (draws ~10W). LZW31-SN
Switch 1: controls 3 LED recessed lights. (dont know how much it draws) LZW30-SN

Issue 1

Dimmer 1 and 3 have extremely jarring ramp ups. The lights flicker the entire way. Once it reaches max brightness, everything is fine. Dimming to off does not flicker. If I ramp up on half way, the flickering is constant at the resting position. If I turn it all the way on and ramp down, everything works fine. Even when ending at a resting position, there is no flicker. So effectively the flicker only occurs during turn on.

Issue 2

Dimmer 3 works perfectly normal, except when fully off, the light has a small amount of light. I’d consider it 1% brightness at off.

Issue 3

Switch 1 will not pair in place, switch 1 will not pair when directly next to hub. I’m talking 3 inches. When the button to check signal is pressed it turns green… but when I release it flashes red for a second then off. That’s kind of missleading. Does it find a network or not?

Dimmer 2 and 5 work perfectly normal.

Now normally I would question my own work. However I’ve installed roughly 30 of these smart devices so far. I am positive they are wired correctly. This is a newly constructed room with neutrals in every box. I was hoping these devices would replace my failing GE switches/dimmers but now I’m questioning that because of the hiccups I’ve ran into with these.

@petro - Issue 2 will most likely require a aeotec bypass installed at the light between hot and neutral to fix dim light when switch is off.

Issue 3 I recommend factory resetting the device and then attempt to include to Zwave network. Had a couple that required factory reset before it would join network. I reported the bad z wave indication awhile ago. Most of mine go green to red as well. However literally 2 inches next to it the on/off reports green signal.

And how do you factory reset? I couldn’t find it in the documentation last night (didn’t look long) and google searches turn up 2 methods: Hold on while on for 5 seconds or hold off for 20 seconds.

@petro - Hold config button for 20+ seconds until the switch Tatar’s rebooting.

Is there an noticeable indicator for this?

@petro- Yes. I believe it switches to red then will flash a few colors like initial boot up.

Well, 2 and 3 are fixed. But issue 1 is extremely bad. The aeotec bypass did not work on the flickering either.

I don’t think I’ll have a choice, I’m going to have to return these dimmers. Here’s what it looks like:


@petro - Looks to be like an incompatibility between switch and LED driver. Any idea on manufacturer of can lights? That is quite annoying.

lithonia lighting wf6-led 30K

@petro - No idea what the hell i meant by Tatar’s here. I’ll blame phone keyboard.

I thought it was a typo for ‘starts’ but then you went with it after I asked you

I believe you’re right.

IRT flickering, it may be a driver issue. You may be any to set instant on at maximum brightness, but what’s the point of having a dimmer? @Eric_Inovelli @anon64478871 Any ideas for the flickering?

Instant on at max brightness has the same issue… it’s just faster. Also, I can’t use any dim level, everything between 0 and max flickers.

what’s odd to me is that a single dimmer with a single light works fine. But the single dimmer was manufactured a month earlier. The one that works fine has a date code of: 0919, the 2 that don’t work have a date code of 1019. I doubt the manufacturing changed over a month, but you never know.

@petro- You could try swapping it out with other to rule out. Some of these LEDs just gave problems with certain dimmers.

I’d agree with this. Looking at the spec sheet for the light they actually have a list of compatible dimmers, and it’s not a very long one.