LZW30-SN On/Off 3-Way Help

EDIT Issue resolved… Line and Load reversal did the trick. Dumb guy, can’t follow a diagram well.

Hello, hoping for a bit of help here.
I’m trying to wire a Red Series On/Off in a 3-Way config (LZW30-SN).
Based on the wiring diagrams, I thought this was going to be a breeze, but turns out not so much.

Existing configuration consists of 2 dumb switches, no dimmer. Each of the 2 switches has Red/Black/White wires, and one of the boxes has what appears to be neutral wires capped off in the box. Based on the diagram for Line/Load in Same Box, I put the Inovelli in the box where the neutrals are. Let’s call that box A. I connected the common into the Line (black in this case) and the white into Load, red into Traveler and connected the Neutral into the capped off group in the box. The dumb switch (box B) I left alone.

Switch doesn’t power up after this, regardless of the position of the dumb rocker.

I don’t have a multi-meter, but I have a live wire tester. Disconnected everything from both switches, flipped breaker to test. Box A where the Inovelli was, only the White (Load?) and Red (Traveler?) had current. On the dumb switch (Box B) appears that all 3 have current, but this could be because they are close together. Shouldn’t the Neutral in Box A have current?

I’m not super knowledgeable with electrical, but I’ve done several switches. Can anyone help? I can include pics.

Note, not sure it’s of value. But in Box A where I’m trying to put the Inovelli, there is another dumb switch (for a separate area).

I think I need to maybe flip the Line & Load wires in Box A, but still unsure as Neutral isn’t carrying current??