LZW30-SN Red Series Internal Relay

I installed a red series switch in a place that controls two lamps. These lamps have smart bulbs in them. When I disable the internal relay,by clicking the config button 8 times, (3 red quick lights) i lose the ability to control the switch from the wall, but from the app, i can control it, but it is still turning the power on and off at the switch (the click is audible as well). If i press the config button 8 times again, (3 green quick lights) I get the ability to use the wall switch again, but the internal relay is enabled still. I have installed the device handler for the switch, but not the child dh.

Which HUB are you using? This appears to be the expected behavior of the switch. If you want to control the smart bulbs from the wall switch you would need to disable the internal relay like you did & leave the switch in the ON position to keep power to the bulbs.

In your app, you would need to setup scenes, so that the 1 tap up/1 tap down on the switch turns it on or off. You can setup multiple scenes on a single switch.

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Im using smartthings. I guess i didn’t understand you have to use scenes and the switch would not be responsive from an on/off function. That makes sense just didn’t understand that it is how it is supposed to work.


Just so you know, you should also disable the remote control from the app (Settings -> Disable Remote Control) so it doesn’t turn on/off using the app either. If you leave it enabled and you turn off the switch in the app, you won’t be able to control your smart bulb from the physical switch.