LZW30-SN (Red Series) Wont turn on light

Have just installed two LZW30-SN (Red Series) on/off lights and it appears one works, one doesn’t. They both pair successfully to Smartthings and the working one will work both either the bath fan, or the light in the bath. The non working one will not work either. i’ve done the basic trouble shooting that i know of. Reset switch. Press config 8 times. try to power it on from ST app only, none of which works. I put a light meter on the working switch, and when the switch was off, the light stayed on. When the switch is on, the light went out and the bath fan turned on as expected. I did the same on the non working switch and when trying to turn the light on, the light meter never powered off when the switch was powered on.

Is this switch toast?

Sounds like a RMA. Seems you did the basics and you may just have a bad switch. Only thing I can suggest is make sure you didn’t swap load and line.

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