LZW30-SN scene events not picked up by HomeAssistant

I’ve scoured these forums trying to get a double-tap on my LZW30-SN to trigger an automation in Home Assistant, but no matter what I do I can’t get HA to respond to the event.

I’m using HA 2021.4.6 with a Zooz USB stick and Z-Wave JS plugin. I have numerous Inovelli devices working flawlessly for non-scene based automations.

The switch in question is node ID 14 and the “Instant On” setting is DISABLED.

When I double-tap the “on” paddle, I see an event in both the Z-Wave JS debug console and log files confirming scene “2” and “KeyPressed2x”:


However, using HA dev tools, I do NOT see any “zwave_js_event” events:

I have configured the HA automation according to other posts I’ve seen here:

If I use the dev tools to manually trigger a “zwave_js_event” with those params then the automation DOES fire.

So, it seems like HA isn’t recognizing the Z-wave traffic generated by my double-tap as a “zwave_js_event” with those parameters, and that’s where I’m stuck. I have no idea what to troubleshoot next. Any suggestions?

They split event into 2 categories:

You can test what events come in using the event developer tools in Home Assistant and subscribing to the zwave_js_notification or zwave_js_value_notification events respectively.

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Argh, that explains it. I just discovered the same thing by setting up an event listener for “*” and looking through the results.

Changing my trigger to this works perfectly:

Thanks for the quick reply. I love having so much control everything, but the rate of change makes it hard to google for solutions!


Got lucky by finding this post, I was following some way-outdated guide to making automations in HA that is somehow the top search result for those keywords

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