LZW30 switch no current status

I installed a LZW30 switch and it confirmed install and shows in devices in Hubitat C7 / There is no current states, last activity or events listed but I have been using it manually and in controlling it in devices for a week. When I try to set a tile in a dashboard for it I get a ? And it won’t turn on or off. I have looked through and tried many of the suggestions for pairing issues and z-wave issues but this just feels like a hardware failure. I have 8 of these same switches in different configurations with no issues.

I would suggest excluding and trying to reinclude - that has fixed similar issues for me in the past with different devices.

I have excluded, turned off z-wave radio, updated, restarted hub, pulled air gap, factory reset then included and the switch flashes green then I can name it and it does the exact same thing. And that was just my last try. Been doing some combination of this all week. I love these switches but this one’s got me puzzled.

Figured this out finally. Apparently I had 2 drivers and the old one would not work correctly with this switch. Thanks to those that helped.