LZW30 turns off immediately after turning on

I have been using this LZW30 on off switch for about 6 months without issue. Now when I turn it on it immediately turns off, followed by a red, green, blue, then back to standby. I have tried changing the 3 LED bulbs that it is powering, and I have turned off my breaker for a minute and turned back on to try and reset. Any thoughts on what causes this issue? Checkout a video I made of the issue here:


Thanks you

Is this a 2-way or a multi-way?

That RGB color sequence is the switch rebooting. So something is going sideways when the switch powers up the bulbs.

A couple things:

  1. Exclude the switch from your hub and then factory reset it. (Long press on the config for about 40 seconds until it turns red.) Then re-add it to the hub and test, without changing any settings first.

  2. If #1 doesn’t resolve it, pull the switch from the box and double-check the connections. Give a firm tug on all four conductors to insure they are firmly connected. Also check the “bundle” side of the hot, neutral and load neutral to insure all conductors are firmly connected together.

Also, as it’s hard to tell in the video. Is the far bulb in the video on this switch? If so, is it flashing as well when the switch is thrown? It doesn’t look as if it is, but that may not be one of the other bulbs you referred to.

Hey I made a video response to what you suggested. Let me know if you have any other ideas.


Got it. Yep, that is a 2-way.

A factory reset didn’t fix it, and you eliminated the switch and the lights work just fine.

I’m leaning toward a bad switch. Do you have another LZW30 to swap in? If you’d don’t, I’d check on an RMA if it’s within the warranty period. If you do have another switch to try, do that first.