LZW30 with Smart Bulbs? Need suggestions on which bulbs to go with

Around a year ago now I purchased a new home. My research at the time led me to use Smart Switches rather than smart Bulbs. So I ended up changing a lot of the light switches in the house out with LZW30 Inovelli Black Light Switches. These are mainly connected to existing recessed LED Downlights.

I use a Hubitat hub, and I’ve automated these switches a fair amount. The next couple of things I wanted to do were dimming my lights. So for example, on some of the bathroom lights I wanted to start setting them up so that if it’s say 10pm, the lights come on at maybe 50% instead of “full on” so as to not have it so bright in the middle of the night. I gather than since my LZW30’s aren’t dimmable, I may have to go to smart bulbs instead. With the Inovelli’s being paired with a Z-Wave Bulb by association so that the switch doesn’t actually cut power to the bulb when it’s set to “Off”

The problem I am finding, is that I gather the LZW30’s are Z-wave only (ie no Zigbee or Wifi). So I either have to purchase new RED series dimmable switches for all of these, or get Z-Wave smart bulbs and associated those with the smart switches. The issue is I can’t find any recessed LED lights (5" or 6") that are Z-wave.

What would you suggest is the best way to go about adding Smart bulbs to my setup with the existing LZW30 switches? or do I just bite the bullet and get dimmable switches for the ones I want to do?

IMO, I would switch to dimmers, particularly since you just want to dim the lights attached a switch. When you add in direct association needlessly, so add another layer of complexity that can impact reliability. You would only want to switch to smart bulbs if you wanted to be able to manipulate colors, color temperature, etc. Start with one dimmer and see if you’re happy with the results.

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