LZW30 with Wink

Can someone tell me what to select on the Wink app for this dimmer? I don’t see a genetic dimmer.



For anyone running into issues with Wink 2 hub, I think I solved this. The switch is added at Generic Z-Wave Light Bulb. For both of my switches, However, that did not work out of the box for me. First, I needed to do a factory reset on the switch (hold for 20 seconds until light turns red). Then I added through the Wink app. The switch changed to green for success. However, the Wink app timed out. I canceled out of the ‘add light’ screen and lo and behold, there was a “Switch” in my list of lights. I renamed it and it worked as expected.

This behavior has happened both switches I installed so I’m going to assume the set-up / inclusion will be this way for the others as well.

Hope this helps someone. :smile:

Awesome, thanks @Steves – sorry, I didn’t get to this faster, but glad you were able to solve it!

Appreciate you posting your experience and I’m sure it will definitely help people :slight_smile: