LZW31 4-way all smart switches

Can I install three LZW31 in a 4-way setup, switches in all three locations are identical and all have the same status indicator?

If so, do I need to change two of the switch to AUX mode?

In theory this is possible if you have a neutral wire, however, we haven’t tested it.

This is a schematic we drew for the On/Off and On/Off smart switch installation, but essentially all you’d do is add another smart switch and wire up the black and white wires as shown (line/neutral).

But, the problem here is that the dimmer status indicators won’t sync (we’re going to try to work on this for the next firmware update)

This is a great question – I haven’t tried this, but I think because you’d just be connecting the line/neutral wires (ie: capping the travelers) the MCU doesn’t need to detect the change like it does when the travelers are connected, so I believe you could just leave all the switches in a single-pole setting, disable the relays two of the three switches and associate them to the main switch (connected to the load).

In other words, you’d essentially create a single-pole scenario (main switch controls the load) and associate the other switches with that main switch.

Again, the downfall of this is that the dim levels will not sync.

Hope this helps!

PS - We are looking to see if we can do this via firmware.

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