LZW31 black dimmer switch issues

I have three 13 watt Lithonia led wafer lights hooked up to this switch. The lights flicker when turned on and gradually stop flickering after a few seconds. They will flicker constantly if dimmed below 50%. These lights did not behave this before on old non dimmable dumb switch. This is a single pole, neutral wire installation. Please advise on correcting this problem.

Ever find a good solution to this? I have the same setup - worked fine with the dumb dimmer switch, too. Only success I’ve had is setting max level to 65%. Not able to dim or adjust the ramp, dim rates without flickering. It’s basically working like an on/off switch, but I’d love to find a solution where I can actually dim.

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You saved me so much headache and heartache with your findings. I spent the weekend installing Lithonia wafer lights only to have them all flicker. Setting the max to 65 keeps the lights flicker-free and bright enough for my needs.
Thank you!