LZW31 (Black Edition) Delay When Turing On/Off With Paddle

Hi! I just bought my first Inovelli device and I noticed that when I try to turn the light on/off using the paddle switch, there is a ~1.5-3s delay before the light actually turns off. However, when using HomeAssistant and sending a turn off command over Z-Wave, it turns on/off nearly instantly. I have the Dimmer Speed/Ramp Rate set to 0 both for the Switch and over Z-Wave. Is this the expected behavior and if so is there any setting I can change to make it respond quicker? I am loving using the device over Z-Wave, but this delay when using it as a normal switch is very disappointing.

Hey @sean_d - any way you could share a video?

Hi Eric! Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I took two videos, one showing what happens when I press the switch and one showing what happens when I control it over Z-Wave using HomeAssistant and a Z-Wave stick. (I may have overestimated the delay in my initial post, but it’s still very noticable compared to the Z-Wave control).



Awesome, thanks for posting - very helpful!

Alright, so what threw me off was the 1.5-3 second delay. I got a little nervous there! I think what you’re experiencing is normal and we do have a firmware update coming on this.

Basically what’s happening is that there is a 500ms delay when used locally bc on our Red Series switches there is a need for the a slight delay for the switch to see if you’re going to double-tap or not (for scene control).

The problem is they put this delay on the Black Series switches too. Hence the slight delay.

There is no delay when operated remotely bc there’s no need for the switch to determine whether or not you’ll double tap.

Look for an update within the next week or so :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!