Lzw31 Black Series (hubitat help)

I have installed my switch in a bathroom with smart bulbs (hue)… i have the relay disabled so that bulbs wont lose power, however im currently on hubitat and it does not recognize my switch as a button device… how would i go about setting an action for on and off… I have also heard incan use the config button to trigger a scene but i dont see the buttons option for this switch.

First, what LZW31 firmware are you on? Scenes were not originally a part of the Black Series, but they did add the Scene events for the Black Series anyway in at least one particular firmware version, 1.52 (it’s not clear to me if later ones still support this — it doesn’t look like it). This should get you scenes for single taps, holds, and releases (and single taps of the config button). For anything more than that, you’d need the Red Series.

The other piece of this is the driver. Hubitat’s built-in driver for this device will not report button capabilities because they developed it before this feature was introduced. You’ll need to use Inovelli’s custom driver (from here), or another community driver that offers this feature.

im on 1.52 also using inovelli driver… i have 10 red series and 10 black series… when i use the app on hubitat called (Button Controller) i am able to select any ot those switches… how ever when i select one of the RED switches it auto-populates a list of buttons… all i have to so is select an action or scene for each one… However for the black series it asks me how many buttons this device has and even then its still unsure as… ive tried it several times and it doesnt do anything. I am ok with 3 buttons (up, down and config) just cant seem to get it to recognize them.

I’d start by looking at the device page for the LZW31 (under “Devices,” then this particular device). You should see something under “Current States” for “numberOfButtons.” If you do not see the “numberOfButtons” attribute, that explains why Button Controller doesn’t know how many buttons there are.

EDIT: OK, looking at Inovelli’s driver, it appears that they never set this value. An easy workaround is to temporarily switch the driver to “Virtual Button,” use the preference in that driver to set the number of buttons to 2, and then switch back to the custom LZW31 driver.

@EricM_Inovelli or someone will probably want to make sure the Black Series driver reports a numberOfButtons attribute and value to Hubitat (assuming this is something they will want to do, even if newer firmware doesn’t support this anymore — which I’m not sure about but won’t matter for you if you’re on 1.52).

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ill give that a try, hopefully a fix for this comes out soon