LZW31 Black Series Odd Behavior

So i have a couple of LZW31 black series switches installed … all seem to be working correctly includint the one that made me create this post … the switch works as it should when the buttons are pressed and so on but earlier on today i was going through my hubita Zwave settings and noticed something odd

On the second image highlighted in red, you will notice how the device ID and Clusters seems way off from other devices … is this a big problem? what could have caused this or how can i possibly go on about fixing this ?

The lack of in/out clusters is very odd - maybe corruption in the Z-Wave database?

After a reboot, do the settings shown change?

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The physical buttons on the device, or the “buttons”/commands on the device page in the Hubitat admin UI? The buttons on the device should work no matter what, barring a device deft; that’s outside the realm of Z-Wave. The commands in Hubitat would only work if Z-Wave is working.

If it’s working fine, I suppose there’s no reason to change, but if not, it looks like it might be a failed pairing. Removing the device from Hubitat (ideally “politely” from the device page, if it lets you–that way, it lets the Z-Wave database know and you shouldn’t have to force-remove or factory-reset the device), then re-pairing, may help with that.