LZw31 black series switches Button Reports

do the LZW31 switches report button presses to the hub on the new firmware … if i look under device estates in hubitat usually my red series switches report their state or which button was pushed or held last … but this one(black series dimmer ) does not seem to do that … is this a bug or it was intended that way ?

v1.52 did, the newer versions do not.

The black series doesn’t have scene capability, so I wouldn’t expect to see button events. I don’t have any black devices, but I believe 1.52 (only) implemented some button events.

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ouch that kinda sucks …@Eric_Inovelli @EricM_Inovelli IS this true ? all my switched have been updated to 1.57 but i never read about it being removed again in the new firmware … i was under the impression that anything after 1.52 would include scene events

They added it on Firmware update 1.52 but as the person above said … they might have been removed for some unkown reason …

That would be my impression too. Let me check with @EricM_Inovelli. I know sometimes people have specific requests that they want or there are certain hubs that need tweaks for us to change our firmware on, so there are various versions floating around out there.

The problem is that there is limited space on the chip so when we added in scene control, it may have maxed it out. Then newer firmware required some specialized tweaks (ie: I think one addressed some hubs reporting multiple commands being sent, so we optimized the firmware to not send certain commands) in which we had to remove certain features.

I think the moral of this story is that we need to be better at addressing the pro/cons of each firmware version. This slips through the cracks sometimes amidst the 5 man skeleton crew and also us trying to get this out to you guys as quickly as possible.

well if it was really removed its not really a problem for me as i bought them with no intentions of using scenes , i was just under the impression that it still had it and looking at my hub and settings I noticed it wasnt reporting the button pressed as it was before so I immediately though something was wrong with my switch lol because i dont remember seeing that removed in the updates … i had the config button setting the scene on my 3 cabinet lighting strip and suddenly it stopped working lol

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well that sucks as the others were pretty much bug fixes ect nothing new was added but o well … i guess we get what we get …lol

I wasn’t guessing. It was there and then it was gone. It was announced in the 1.52 firmware thread (the last firmware thread for this model) that the basic scenes were added and then they were dropped again in the newer firmware versions without any threads posted about those versions. Having the scene for the config button would be nice.

Thanks again sir, By the time i bought the switches i looked on the firmware without reading the thread and i went ahead and updated it to newest firmware right away (lol my fault) i did read each description but i guess i missed the part where it says all were removed again :frowning:

1.52 doesn’t work right for associations.

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Does the same go for black on/off switches? I have a few hooked up to ceiling fans so I never needed a scene to be available on these switches, but I’m suddenly realizing that it would be nice to recognize physical presses so I can do things like have hubitat disable “auto motion on” if I physically press the switch off.

Yes, in terms of the Black Series not intended to support scenes. But if you are asking about if a button capability was added at any point in the firmware upgrade process, AFAIK, it wasn’t. The dimmers have more room on them than the switches, so Inovelli threw out a bone (which came back to haunt them), but I’m pretty sure that was just the dimmer.

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You should be able to detect physical changes, as in the switch was turned on or off. Switches are lagging on software updates compared to the dimmers.

I stand corrected. Tried this again and the black switches are reporting physical for button pressed. Several months ago when I tried they did not, but I recently updated to the latest drivers so something changed somewhere. Anyways, looks like it works!

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hmm interesting what firmware do you have?

1.21 i think on all the switches and 1.48 on the dimmers. its very possible im wrong and was doing something wrong back then. who knows.

ohh okay latest firmware for black dimmers is 1.57 i think not sure about switches

Ok I was not wrong. There is a problem where these things some times report wrong. I just witnessed it today. At 10:00 I have Hubitat set to turn off the living room lights if they are still on. The event today was logged as a physical one instead of digital which is mucking up my rules. And I know there was no physical off press because nobody is home but the cats. Unless they happened to jump up and press it at exactly 10 o clock. So whats the deal? Do I really need to update all these things? I’ve read its a major pain to do so.

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