LZW31 Config button does not work

I was able to disable the relay by pressing 8 times the config button. I programmed the switch to work with a light. But it works sometimes and sometimes not. I tried to reset the switch by holding the config switch for more than 20 seconds but the led still always blue. It does not become green or yellow. I read on a post here that it was a defect for another user. I tried to press 8 times, nothing happens. I tried using Smartthings to disable relay, nothing happens. Always blue led. What should I do ?

Try pulling the airgap button out then push back in. It’s in the lower left just below the rocker. Use your finger nail. That will reboot the switch.

I found the button. It seems to reset the switch, light became green then blue but can’t change it with config button.

Edited: After 2-3 reset it seems to work now. Thank you for your help.

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