LZW31 in 3-way w/ dumb switch - Switches off when dimming to max/min

I’ve just finished installing a bunch of red series dimmers around the house. Two of them are in 3-way configurations (with a dumb switch on the other end) but only one has this problem.

When dimming the switch (up or down) it switches to off when it reaches (or nearly reaches) 100% or 1%. This happens even when running through an automation.

I am reasonably certain it is wired correctly (with a neutral) since I had to draw out the entire setup because it was non-standard and needed reconfiguring. And I have definitely set the light configuration properly:


The switch is only operating a single fixture, with rather low wattage bulbs, but I have a neutral wire so I thought there was no minimum load. Does anyone know what might be causing this, and how I could fix it?

Are those percentages the real percentages or are they the pseudo percentages which results from setting the minimum and maximum?

To properly set your range, change the min and Max to 1 and 99. Determine the percentage at which your bulb no longer illuminates and set the minimum at a couple percent above that.

Setting that minimum should take care of the low end. For the top end, try reducing the maximum percentage below 99.

For the low end Bry described how I set up my dimmers. On the high end, I experienced something similar to what you are describing on all of my 3-ways with dumb switches in a new home. I upgraded the firmware from 1.48 to 1.57 and my issue related to the lights cutting off at/around full brightness went away. I can set all of those switches to 99 without issue now.

No matter where I set the max, when I move the dimmer from HA it usually flips the switch. Like I’m clicking on the slider bar in the app, around 70-90% each time, and every press toggles the light.

I only got these switches a few weeks ago, they are on the latest firmware OOTB :confused:

Sorry, can’t help with HA but one of the HA guys here should be able to suggest something.

@kreene1987 @stu1811

I don’t think this is HA specific. It’s the same behavior I see when using the hardware dimmer. I was just confirming that I’ve tried many different min/max values and it doesn’t change the behavior. If the switch dims quickly, it flips the 3-way.