LZW31 LED Bar color control issues (Firmware 1.61; Hubitat)

Could not find this issue in a search of this forum.

I have an LZW31 installed to control 2 Nicor Slim Fit (LED j-box “can”) lights. Works great.
It is installed in a house with neutral wiring, has Firmware 1.61, and I’m using Hubitat.

Decided to also use this switch to
a) turn on a “Virtual” Guest Switch via the multi click feature
b) provide notification of Virtual Guest Switch status via the color of the LED bar.

  1. Main issue I’m having is the color of the LED when the virtual Guest Switch is off.
    a. In Hubitat Devices, in the Parent (Main) Device entry, I have the Parameter “LED Strip Color” set to White. That works.
    b. In the Hubitat rule for changing the color of the LZW31 LED based on the status of the Virtual Guest Switch, I have the it set to
    i. change to Blue when the Guest Switch is on - that works
    ii. change to White when the Guest Switch if off; this does not work. Instead I get a Yellow Color when the Guest Switch is off.

I have tried the following in the Guest Switch off rule for changing the LZW31 LED color, none of which work.
Set it to soft white - get the same yellow color
Set it to daylight - get the same yellow color
Set it to warm white - get the same yellow color
Set it to Red - that makes it red
Set it to “No Color” thinking it will go back the switch default - that returns a Hubitat “Broken action”
There seems to be no way to get it to go back to the default.

  1. In what may be a related issue, In Hubitat, for each LZW31, there is a parent device with most parameters, and a child device labeled as the RGBW, which I presume is to control the LED bar of the switch. In reading on this site, I’ve deduced that in the parent device I have to turn on the parameter “Create LED Color Child Device”, which I have done. However, in the child device there seems to be no way to change the LED color. It only changes when I select it in the parent device. But in the rule to turn the LED blue when the virtual switch it on, I have the child device selected and that works. It just does not work to go back to white when turning the virtual switch off.

Ideally, I would like to

  • At the parent or child device, set the default color of the switch LED
  • In the RM 5.1 rule for the Virtual Guest Switch(VGS) LED indication, set VGS ON to a selected color
  • In the RM 5.1 rule for the Virtual Guest Switch (VGS) LED indication, set VGS OFF to go back to the the parent/child device default color - ie not select a particular color in this rule.

What am I doing wrong? Do I have some parameter set wrong that is causing this?

Bump - any ideas on what I’ve got set up wrong or what is causing this?

I would personally use the community app called LED Mini-Dashboards

You should be able to set the default color using parameter 13 (or the custom RGB value) on the parent device and then use that app to control all of the notifications you could possibly want.

EDIT: I reread your original post and noticed you were trying to set different hues of white and wanted to point out that you will only be able to set RGB White which is just a mixture of 100% Red, Green, and Blue as this switch doesn’t have any dedicated white LEDs.