LZW31 - LED lamp is not turned down when switch is off

I have 10 6W LED filament lights on a LZW31 w/neutral dimmer. But when I turn off the dimmer - the lamps are still ON on the the lowest setting. How do I make it to turn them off completely?

Put another dimmer in other room that has same light bulbs - same issue - bulbs are still ON on minimal power.

Dumb question but are you lowering the dim level to as low as it goes, or are you tapping the paddle so that it “clicks” off?

Tried both. I would expect it to be that dim at lowest dim setting but would like to have it completely off when I tap the paddle.

What if you put in regular bulbs, do they turn off? have you tried the bypass? Also are the filament bulbs dimmable?

I experienced a similar problem with my bedroom lights with the same dimmer and neutral install. I’ve got 4- 13w LED fully dimmable retrofits and when I would shut them off either from the switch or app, there would be a faint flickering and they would never turn completely off. I solved it by wiring in the bypass resistor directly behind the switch although it seems like I shouldn’t need it based on my configuration. Additionally, I’ve got 2 other dimmers in my living room that are each running 2 identical LEDS but both of those shut completely off.