LZW31-SN-1 and zwave vs wifi bulbs

Silly question… will the LZW31-SN-1 switches dim smart bulbs without cutting power regardless if they’re wifi (lifx) or zigbee connected bulbs? I’m not sure if one has anything to do with the other, or if the device handler code that pairs with my hub (smartthings) is what tells the bulbs to dim to 0% vs it cutting off all power to the bulb? Hopefully my basic understanding of how this switch works is on point. TIA for the insights!

Yes, the option you’re looking for in SmartThings will show as “Disable local control.” Check/enable that option to disable local control, and the a tap up or down on the dimmer will not actually cut power—but it will register as a button event in SmartThings you can use to turn on/off or dim the bulbs with whatever automation you set up.

If you’re on the “classic” app, the Smart Lighting SmartApp can control lights with button devices/events. So you could map “button 1 pushed” (that’s how a tap of the up paddle gets reported) to turn on your LIFX bulb and “button 1 held” (that’s how a single tap down gets reported; this was confusing to me so I changed it, but that’s another story) to turn it off or dim it to 0% (I’d just use “off”).

Thanks! My new switches are supposed to arrive today so I will give it a shot once they are installed.

What smart app do you use to map the buttons for the switch?