LZW31-SN 3way not working

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping someone can figure out what I am doing wrong, this is the 3rd attempt to install a particular 3way switch that I can not get working. I have read the threads and can not get it working.

A bit of background:

  • Neutral installed
  • Smart things Hub (updated to current version)
  • Classic / updated app installed and working.
  • Device Handler: Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN
  • Swtich Settings Applied on the hub
  • AC Power Type: Neutral
  • Switch Type: 3-Way Toggle

The wiring I think is standard the dummy swith has two wires (black / red)

The primary swtich that I am installing the LZW31 is has 3 wires. When I remove the original swith, two wires has power regardless of the dummy swtich position. The wires with power are R1 and B1.

When I have the switch wired with
R1: Load
B1: Line
R2: Transfer

The involli switch is powered connected to my hub and appears to function correctly with the exception that the pot lights do not come on. I can see the switch turns on and is dimmable, the dummy swtich appears to have no change, turning the dummy swtich the LED bar on the LZ31 remains in it’s current state.

I have tried all the different wiring configurations and have a different problem no matter how I set them up. If I switch the wires around the LZ31 works with the lights but changing the dummy swtich causes the LZ31 to loose power and not function.

Here is what I am seeing from the various configurations

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Finally got it working, I got the help of a friend who is an electrician.

Essentially, the switch was in a 4 gang box that had 3 other switches that had the Line (Hot) in the box. This particular swtich had 3 wires + a neutral but the line was in the other swtich.

He rewired the box and too the line from the other switches.

We then had to reset the switch settings.

All is good now.