LZW31-SN as accessory switch

Right now, I have a couple LZW31-SN switches using the standard GE add-on switches in three-way installations. If I replace the GE add-on switches with with LZW31’s, would the master and slave switches all have scene support? and could the notifications be controlled individually?

Currently, multi-taping an add-on switch doesn’t trigger the scene that the master switch does. (Either that, or there’s something in the configuration that I missed to make it work)

Three-way wiring is soooooo 20th century in my opinion. Assuming that you can feed hot and neutral to the other switch location, I would use another LZW31-SN with the relay disabled in that box and stitch it all together in software with your HA hub du jour. Do Z-Wave direct associations even take the hub out of the picture? I haven’t tried them yet…

I do a lot of software stitching … my hub is quite busy that way, and half my house would probably cease to work on a most basic level if it were to die.

I considered using two isolated switches and using software to sync them, but that syncing part doesn’t always live up to the hype. Sadly, one of the worst is the z-wave associations. Associations work great in theory, the problem though is that there is an inconsistency about when, or if the associated devices report their state changes back to the hub … so a switch and it’s associated light will be on, but the hub will only show the switch or the light on … not both. The same happens with device syncing through software … you can achieve the desired result, but the reported result is inconsistent which throws your dashboards out of wack with reality and require creative solutions.