LZW31-SN Button Events Not Sent to Hub - Missing Current States details. Wrong driver?

I have some LzW31-Sn Red Dimmer Switches that are NOT sending events to hubitat… Driving me bananas trying to figure this out. I have a bunch of the same dimmers that are working fine to compare to. I need another set of brains to help me.

There are differences when i look at the device details:

In the dimmers that work fine the “Current State” shows 11 pints of information.

Current States

  • energy : 22.442
  • firmware : 1.35
  • groups : 4
  • held : 1
  • lastActivity : 2021 Mar 08 Mon 4:38:59 PM
  • lastEvent : Tap ▲▲▲
  • level : 88
  • numberOfButtons : 8
  • power : 0
  • pushed : 3
  • switch : off

In the dimmers that are failing it shows only 5 points of data:

Current States

  • firmware : 1.35
  • groups : 4
  • lastActivity : 2021 Mar 08 Mon 4:32:48 PM
  • level : 99
  • numberOfButtons : 8
  • switch : off

It’s missing many parameters.

The drivers are the same…

In the Device Details section called data, there are differences.
In the good one:
Data section : * deviceType: 1

In the faulty ones:
Data section : * deviceType: 3

since Im seeing this same error on multiple devices, I feel like there is a configuration Im missing… The Zwave security seems to have no correlation to working or not… I have different authentication for good and bad ones…

The differing deviceType is weird, especially if they’re using the same driver … maybe update driver code and re-click the Configure button for all?

Current Driver code:

I know this is very generic and doesn’t address the differences, but my first observation (for both) is that the firmware is old. Totally a shot in the dark but maybe updating that would reset something back to default and clean it up.

Firmware (.otz for target 0 - the dimmer, .bin for target 1 - LED bar):

I had an identical situation with similar banana driving…

What I found works is to factory default the dimmer and then re-include. I had to rebuild my rules, scenes, etc using the remnant of the old device as the roadmap. Then I force excluded that remnant and cleaned up my network. It’s a pain and a mess but I’ve done this a few times now with success on each attempt.

Now the cause of this never was found. I suspected it to be a leftover of a bad firmware update procedure. But that may not be the case seeing as you’re on 1.35. Are you S2 paired? S2 with or without authentication? You should @ one or both of the Erics with this info on this thread.

Well I did everything I could think of (reboot hub, factory reset devices, tried different drivers) I didn’t flash new firmware because that is super pain in the ass( big flaw of smart homes Imho)

Of my 50ish devices, these two are the only ones failed and they are next to together. I made the assumption the hw is messed up and faulty.

Fortunately, I had a couple spares and all is good.

Frankly, I would have never known this was an issue except that I was trying to control some smart lights on my porch with the button controller app which requires button events to fire.

You and I are following similar paths… That’s exactly how I discovered same. Weird.

I believe deviceType is set during pairing, but have no idea how that field is populated. I would think it’s sent by the end device and not something that’s negotiated by the hub. You may want to try a firmware update and see if the issue persists.

I haven’t done a firmware update on the latest version of the HE software, but it’s not supposed to be nearly as painful as it used to be. The features that have been added since 1.35 are solid. As a backup, you may want to try using Advanced Button Controller and overriding the number of buttons under the Advanced Options.