LZW31-SN Compatibility with Magnetic Transformer Housings?

Wondering if the dimmer will work with my Elco Lighting EL1499ICA low voltage recessed housing. Will it be dangerous to try? Or will it pose any issues with long term reliability of the switch or lights.

Specs say it has a magnetic transformer and warn to “use only dimmers specifically designed for use with magnetic transformers.”

Product page: https://elcolighting.com/products/4-low-voltage-airtight-ic-housing

Spec Sheet: https://elcolighting.com/printpdf/products/4-low-voltage-airtight-ic-housing

Dimmer Compatibility List: https://elcolighting.com/sites/default/files/Low%20Voltage%20System_19.pdf

No it wont work for this. Our switches are designed and UL/CE rated for lighting fixtures only. Magnetic and ballast type lighting has not been tested for this use.

Hi. What about the non-dimming use-case? Either the switch, or the dimmer but with dimming disabled (possible?)?