LZW31-SN Config 2x Scene Not Working

On firmware versions 1.57 and 1.45. The 2x config scene doesn’t appear to be working, not seeing any events when subscribed to zwave_js_value_notification. All other scene presses seem to be working correctly. Is anyone else experiencing similar behavior?

Try setting parameter 51 to 0 then back to 1. Also set param 50 to 0 then 7. Param 51 enables/disables scenes. Param 50 sets the amount of time to multi tap in 100ms increments. 1=100ms, 2=200ms, etc

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Tried above, no dice… I can’t seem to set param 50 to 0, only to 1-9?

Ok. Try setting to anything really then 7. 700ms is plenty of time to 2x. Once to get it working go down from there.

had this problem had to reflash the update in my case it wasnt sentding events at all

Doesn’t 2x clicking on the config button cancels a notification so it’s no longer a scene?

Yes to the first part but it is still supposed to send a 2x pressed scene to the hub. That was implemented in 1.49.

I just tried it and it didn’t send a 2x press scene. 1x press works no problem.

So tried setting parameters and no joy, does anyone actually have their switch sending 2x config scene events? All other scenes seem to be working fine. I’m now on latest firmware